The Evolution system represents the top line of Akrapovic aftermarket exhaust systems for Porsche's bestseller. The uniquely designed muffler from the Slip-On system with an added lightweight and exhaust flow-optimized link pipe set with bigger tubes fully represents the titanium Evolution exhaust system. This computer-designed system has been created to produce a deep, aggressive sound that transforms the Turbo into a racing machine. This is especially the case after removing the point-welded block in the link pipe that prevents bypassing the muffler. To control the sound level, Akrapovic offers an optional wireless kit. It's up to you when you want to have a polite SUV cruiser or the sound of a racing machine. The Evolution system also works with the factory valve control system. The Akrapovic sound of the Cayenne Turbo's engine is drone free and satisfies the ears with a muscly note that goes along with the unique muscle design of titanium or carbon fiber tail pipes. Both handcrafted sets are bigger in diameter than stock (105 mm). In addition to making the Cayenne more attractive, fitting an Akrapovic Evolution system on this SUV also has the advantage of keeping the weight down.

The Evolution system, made from proprietary high-strength and lightweight titanium, delivers more power, improves responsiveness, and adds more torque. Altogether the system offers a complete package of unique image, deep aggressive sound, power gain, and weight loss.
For ultimate tuning potential, additional weight reduction, and a great racing sound, we offer titanium downpipes without cats. These high-flow downpipes eliminate the second pair of catalysts; they require ECU reprogramming and are a perfect fit with the Evolution exhaust system.

  • Titanium downpipe set
  • Titanium link pipe sets
  • Titanium muffler


$5305.00 USD