ESS Tuning E9x M3 NA E-Flash ECU performance software

The ESS E-Flash MSS60 ECU software is a result of extensive road and track testing to optimize the calibration of ECU parameters and extract more performance on either a stock car or in combination with other modifications. Typical gains are a conservative +10-15hp and +10-12lb-ft of torque from software alone.

The ESS MSS60 E9x M3 software starts with the latest BMW factory operating system and is developed and tested in extreme heat in the Arizona desert as well as extreme cold temperatures in Scandinavia to ensure flawless performance under any condition imaginable.

With the E-Flash software, the end user can quickly switch between stock and upgraded software versions. Any future upgrades or modifications to the car can easily be accommodated through a corresponding tune that can be emailed instantly. This system is compatible with the latest tuner protected ECU software and does not require a backdating of the ECU software to be able to tune it. The ESS E-Flash also includes a full engine diagnostic functionality and code clearing capabilities.
ESS Tuning E9x M3 NA E-Flash ECU performance software

  • ESS E-Flash remote tuning tool which locks to your specific car's VIN
  • -ESS E-Flash Software which allows for quick changes between stock and tuned maps and full ECU diagnostics
  • -Reprogrammed ignition timing, VANOS, and fuel parameters for optimum performance
  • -Reprogrammed torque management


$995.00 USD
430 hp
305 lb./ft. torque