Camaro ZRS

Rule The Streets! Magna Charger Camaro ZRS

Like the iconic 69 ZL1 Camaro the new Magna Charger ZRS equipped 2010 Camaro features an all aluminum 500hp engine wrapped in crisp Gen 1 inspired sheet metal. However that is where the similarities end. Chevrolet sold just 69 of the highly coveted ZL1s and virtually none of them ever saw the street. By contrast, almost anyone can build a Magna Charged ZRS Camaro. It is as easy as bolting on a new Magna Charger MP 2300 TVS supercharger system. While the original ZL1 was reported to have more than 500hp and 450ft.lbs. of torque pushing the car to low 13s @ 110mph, the Magna Charged ZRS Camaro is even more powerful, and capable of 12.5s @ 115 mph. What is really nice is that you can drive the Magna Charged Camaro every day without a penalty in fuel mileage or low-speed driveability. Where the original ZL1 was a cantankerous 8mpg anachronism, the Magna Charged ZRS Camaro is smooth, quiet and clean equally ready to deliver top EPA mileage figures or smoke the tires in any gear your choice!
Magna Chargers new MP 2300 supercharger technology is the same used for the new ZR1 Corvette. The four-lobe rotor features a high-twist 160 degree helix that has improved efficiency, cooler discharge temperatures and is much quieter. Additional efficiency is the result of the unique bypass valve that reduces parasitic drag during normal driving. The Magna Charger also interfaces seamlessly with the GM Active Fuel Management system some models that cuts the engine to four cylinders at light throttle.
The Magna Charger ZRS Camaro system comes complete with a new, patented high velocity aluminum intake manifold, integral water-to-air intercooler, and all necessary brackets, connectors, hardware and any needed specialized tools. The supercharger has a self-contained lubrication system that is maintenance free. Calibration is included with a handheld computer programmer that re programs the factory ECU and stores the original calibration for possible future use. Custom tuning is also avalable.
All Magna Charger supercharger systems carry a Standard 3 Year Limited warranty on the supercharger system, and Magna Charger also offers an optional 36,000-mile or 3 Year Powertrain Warranty.
  Camaro ZRS

$7495.00 USD
500 hp
450 lb./ft. torque